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Susan Faust

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Susan  Faust Victorian Spring
Victorian Springtime
21 x 25 in
$ 950
Susan  Faust Iris At The Frog Pond
Iris At The Frog Pond
14 x 11 in
$ 850
Susan  Faust Pond at Page Springs
Pond at Page Springs
18 x 21 in
$ 850
Susan  Faust Pond of Lilies
Pond of Lilies
37 x 41 in
$ 1,800
Susan  Faust Red Rock Creek
Red Rock Creek
30 x 36 in
$ 2,500
Susan  Faust Red Trees in Spring
Red Trees in Spring
25 x 25 in
$ 1,200
Susan  Faust Summertime at Deer Creek
Summertime at Deer Creek
25 x 31 in
$ 1,600
Susan  Faust January Goose Days
January Goose Days
27 x 23 in
Susan  Faust Sycamores in the Canyon
Sycamores in the Canyon
18 x 22 in
Susan  Faust The Old Barn
The Old Barn
14 x 17 in

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Susan  Faust

Susan Faust

Susan Faust Biography

Susan Faust PAPNM, NPS

Artist Susan Faust vividly expresses her love of natural beauty through her oil paintings. Painting “en Plein air” or “in the open air” has become her passion. All of Susan’s oil paintings are either done on location or painted in the studio from studies created in the field.

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Susan began drawing at the age of five. She graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1973 with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Upon graduation, she pursued a career as a professional ceramicist and within two years she was named Artist in Residence for the State of West Virginia. For the next 13 years, she was widely recognized as one of the most successful production Master Potters in the Southeast. Then, an adventurous spirit called, and she moved to the red-rock country of Sedona, Arizona to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a painter. Supporting herself by conducting local Jeep tours and leading the ceramics department at the Sedona Art Center, Susan returned to the serious study of painting. In the years that followed, Susan involved herself in Master classes, studying with painters across the country.

Susan has spent much of the past 10 years painting the Pacific Northwest. She divides her time between Portland, Oregon and the red rock country of Sedona and continues to follow the call to travel to find new and beautiful landscapes to paint. Susan is the recipient of numerous awards in American and international exhibitions and was a featured plein air pastel artist in the PBS television series, “The Artist’s Workshop”. Susan was the featured artist in the June, 2000 issue of Pastel Artist International magazine. She teaches classes and workshops throughout the country and has taught as an invited international instructor in Australia. Susan is a member of Oil Painters of America, Pastel Society of America, Arizona Plein Air Painters, and is a signature member of the Northwest Pastel Society and Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.

Susan’s work is represented by the Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan, Oregon. 

Susan Faust Statement

"I believe that each place speaks its own language. Working on location, or "En Plein Air", I feel that I am inside of the landscape. I try to translate the language that I hear from each particular place. Only by working in nature can I really do that. My experience is as much about seeing what is really there as it is about painting. All the elements in the scene are more than a moment in time to me. They are a taste, a feel of an ever changing, magnificent world. Working from nature on these small paintings give an intimacy and strength to my work from these "little jewels" as inspiration on larger paintings in my studio."

This body of work is an amalgamation of my influences of both Oregon and Arizona. I don't use photographs to paint from but instead I paint small studies on locations and work from those. The place is interpreted not once but two or three times. A theme remains but the elements are embellished to reflect the "romantic interpretation of the place".

These paintings aren't a documentation of a particular place but constructions and interpretations of places that have a particular feel for me. I love the natural world and am moved deeply by "landscape". I want my paintings to be wonderful places full of sparkle that the viewer wants to visit again and again. I love to push the colors and play with the light to create vivid, bright and special romantic places for us to wander through, to feel peace, and perhaps even to hear the soft sound of the water.


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