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Georgia Gerber

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Georgia  Gerber Jesse and Mercedes 8_9 ___
Jesse and Mercedes 8/9 xxx
Cast Bronze
22.5 x 16 x 19 in
$ 3,200
Georgia  Gerber Bronze salmon
Bronze salmon
28w x 17h x 6d in
$ 3,800

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Georgia  Gerber

Georgia Gerber

Georgia Gerber Biography

Georgia Gerber, born 1955, grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, studied sculpture and bronze casting at Bucknell University, and moved west to attend Graduate School at the University of Washington. Her professional career began at that time. She primarily works with life size animal and human figures, often incorporating architectural or abstract elements into the design. A career emphasis has been the creation of accessible public artwork that encourages viewer interaction.

"My husband and I had our first date near the end of my graduate work at the University of Washington. That night I told him I dreamed of having my own studio and foundry in a quiet rural area where I could raise a family and create sculpture. We have been doing just that for 21 years now. What I didn't tell him was the part about the horses…" — Georgia Gerber

Georgia Gerber Statement

"I like my sculpture to invite an interaction with its audience. This is often meant to be a direct physical interaction, but always I strive to engage the viewer's imagination. I tend to present an incomplete visual narrative; a story is suggested, a feeling evoked, and the viewers find themselves providing details."

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