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Jani Hoberg

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Jani  Hoberg
Mixed Media
40 x 29 in
$ 700
Jani  Hoberg 5 Eggs
5 Eggs
$ 1,200
Jani  Hoberg
Bird On Wire II
20 x 14 in
$ 300
Jani  Hoberg Butterflies I_ II_ III
Butterflies I, II, III
13 x 14 in
$ 300
Jani  Hoberg
Creature Comforts
20 x 16 in
$ 250
Jani  Hoberg
Egg Chaos II color proof
17 x 17 in
$ 300
Jani  Hoberg
Essential 1 & 2 - 6/15
16 x 20 in
$ 325
Jani  Hoberg Ginkgo - 3_12
Ginkgo - 3/12
19.5 x 16.5 in
$ 225
Jani  Hoberg
Mio's Tart - 1/20
14 x 14 in
$ 150
Jani  Hoberg Nature Study III
Nature Study III 6/15
10 x 9 in
$ 140
Jani  Hoberg
Oregon Collection I
12 x 12 in
$ 200
Jani  Hoberg
Queen Anne at Sunset 2/10
24 x 24 in
$ 500
Jani  Hoberg Roses _ Pears
Roses & Pears
44 x 36 in
$ 2,000
Jani  Hoberg
Sand Dollar
12 x 12 in
$ 200
Jani  Hoberg Sunflowers II
Sunflowers II
31 x 40 in
$ 1,000
Jani  Hoberg
Three Nests 4/10
17 x 32 in
$ 350
Jani  Hoberg
33 x 26 in
$ 800
Jani  Hoberg
26 x 20 in
$ 425
Jani  Hoberg
Tulips V
33 x 26 in
$ 800
Jani  Hoberg Versailles Cafe
Versailles Cafe
14 x 18 in
$ 300
Jani  Hoberg Blues
29 x 34 in
Jani  Hoberg
Queen Anne Lace Study II 10/20
13 x 34 x 1 in
Jani  Hoberg Rush
26 x 33 in

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Jani  Hoberg

Jani Hoberg

Jani Hoberg Biography

Jani Hoberg was born to be a printmaker, with a natural obsessive energy and attraction to problem solving. "I continue to add and subtract line and textures, print the results, and rework the plate until the image is appealing to me. I am concerned with line quality and balance of composition. This visual record of decision making and surprise findings is what I enjoy about this process. My images come from objects or locations that are near and dear to me. They can be from collections of items kept in my studio or a treasure from a vacation spot. I work from  onsite sketches or the found objects themselves."

Jani Hoberg Statement

The Hows and Whys of Drypoint


First of all the name is appropriate, because there is not a drop of liquid used in this printmaking process.

Drypoint is similar to drawing. For those who enjoy drawing, drypoint is a natural way to become involved with the printmaking medium. 

Basically, drypoint is made by drawing on a surface, usually a metal plate, with a sharp tool. I use copper and a steel pointed type of pencil. By using pressure while drawing, groves are made in the copper. Similar to what a plow creates in a field. The "burrs", as they are called, can be felt if you rub your hand over the plate. Before I begin my drypoints, I paint the copper with a coat of gesso. This cuts the glare and makes the image easier to see.

After the dry[point is completed, etching ink is rubbed over the surface of the plate and slowly wiped off with tarlatins (heavy cheesecloth). The palm of the hand is used at the end of the wiping process. The ink is wiped in a pattern that moves the ink into the drawn areas. The ink will stay in the burr areas and wipe off of the smooth areas. 

When the ink is in its proper place, damp paper is placed over the copper plate and it is run through the etching press.

The burrs get worn down after several printings. I keep my editions to about fifteen prints. The plate is reinked and run through the press for each print. The metal plates can be steel faced, which allows for larger editions. 

I print my drypoints with warm black or graphite etching inks.  After the image is printed and the damp paper dry, I color my prints by hand with watercolor. 

Jani Hoberg Resumé

                                                              JANI P. HOBERG



Lessedra Gallery Collection.  Sophia, Bulgaria

“American Art Parade” 2007. Produced by Trail of the Painted Pony.  Arizona,

PAM Rental/Sales gallery. “The First 30 Years” 2009.  Irwin, Hodson Press.  Oregon

Intel.  Beaverton, Oregon

The Allison Inn and Spa.  Newberg, Oregon

Liberty Bank. Eugene,Oregon

Gilkey Print Collection.  Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon

University of Oregon Foundation. Friendly Hall

            Commission. Eugene, Oregon.

Metropolitan Arts Commission, Multnomah County VII Prints and Ceramics  Project.                         Portland, Oregon




2011               Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.  Honorable Mention Printmaking and


1991               Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. 1st Place Printmaking.  Honorable Mention.

1990               Blessing Semler Award. 11th National Juried Exhibition.

                        L.A.P.S. Los Angeles, California.

1990               Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Honorable Mention. Lake Oswego,  Oregon.

1990               Art in Agriculture. Director's Award. Corvallis, Oregon.

1989               Northwest Regional Print Biennial. Best in Show. Portland, Oregon.

1987-88         Mayor's Art Show.  Special Recognition. Eugene, Oregon.

1985-86         Lincoln City Art Guild. Best in Show(1985). 3rd Place(1986). Lincoln City, Oregon.



2012               Lessedra Gallery Group Show. Sophia, Bulgaria

2012               Jacob’s Gallery Invitational Auction. Eugene, Oregon

2012               Cascade Aids Project Juried Art Auction. Portland, Oregon

2012               “The Artist’s Vision” Juried art show. Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

2012               Solo Show.  Lake Oswego Art Center. Lake Oswego, Oregon

2011               Portland Presbyterian Church Group Show. PANW Portland, Oregon

2011               Portland Art Museum rental/sales gallery.  4 Person Show. Portland,                                  Oregon

2011               Print Arts Northwest 30th Anniversary Traveling Show. Portland, Oregon

2010               Print Arts Northwest All Member Show.  Pacific NW College of Arts.                                   Portland,Oregon


2010               Print Arts Northwest Group Show.  Centro Cutural of Washington County

2010               Jacob’s Gallery Invitational Auction.  Eugene, Oregon

2010               Solo Show Fisher’s Fine Arts.  Roseburg, Oregon

2007-9            Solo Show Lafollette Gallery.  Eugene, Oregon

2007-9            Lawrence Gallery Garden Party Show.  Sheridan, Oregon

2006               Print Arts Northwest.  25th Anniversary Show.  Portland, Oregon

2006               Four Person Show.  Lafollette Gallery. Eugene, Oregon

2005               Pear Invitational. Lafollette Gallery. Eugene, Oregon

2005               Pacific NW Art Annual. Eugene, Oregon

2005               Group Show. Northbanks Gallery. Vancouver, Washington

2004               Group Show. Washington State University. Pullman, Washington

2004               Group Show. YMCA. Camas, Washington

2004               Print Arts Northwest. Two Person Show. Portland, Oregon

2002-5            NW Portland Starbucks Solo Show. Portland, Oregon

2003-05         Group Show. Visual Arts Center. Newport, Oregon

2003               Group Show. Rogue Gallery. Medford, Oregon

2003               Southern Oregon University. Ashland, Oregon

2000               Focus Gallery Solo Show. Salem, Oregon

2000-5            LaFollette Gallery Solo Show. Eugene, Oregon

2000-4            Los Angeles Printmaking Society.  Annual Juried Show. L.A., CA

2000-2            Salem Art Fair. Salem, Oregon

2000-05        Lake Oswego Art Fair. Lake Oswego, Oregon

2002               NWPC Group Show. New Zealand

1999-05         Lawrence Gallery Spring Exhibit.  Sheridan, OR

1999               Reed and Cross Exhibit. Eugene, OR

1998               NWPC Exhibit. Rock Creek Gallery. Portland Community College, Portland, OR

1998               Portland Street of Dreams. Forest Park, OR

1998               Opus Five Gallery. Solo shows in February and July. Eugene, OR

1998-99         Salem Art Fair. Salem, OR

1997-              Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Lake Oswego, OR                                      

1997               Beaverton Arts Commission Showcase >97.  Beaverton, OR

1996-97         Print Art. NWPC Regional Juried Show. Portland, OR

1996               Massachusetts Traveling Exhibition. NWPC.

1996-98         Valentines Show. Opus 5. Eugene, OR

1996               NWPC Group Show. Pacific University. Forest Grove, OR

1996               L.A. Printmakers Annual Show. L.A. Ca.

1996               Opus 5 Gallery. Eugene, Oregon

1995               Beaverton Arts Commission Showcase >95. Ore

1995               NWPC Group Exhibit. Fairbanks Art Assoc. Fairbanks, AK

1995               NWPC Group Exhibit at Indigo Gallery. Lake Oswego., Ore

1995               L.A. Printmakers Society Membership Show. L.A., CA

1995               Opus 5 Gallery. Eugene, Oregon.

1994               NWPC Group Exhibit. Crow=s Shadow Institute.  Pendleton, OR

1994               L.A. Printmakers Society Membership Show. L.A.,CA

1994               Salem Art Assoc. Fair. Salem, OR

1993-94         Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Art Fair. OR

1993               Cheney Cowles Museum. Spokane, WA

1993               L.A. Society of Printmakers Exchange.  Woodland Hills, CA

1993               Salem Art Association Gallery. Salem, Oregon.

1993               Jacobs Gallery, Hult Center. NWPC show. Eugene, Oregon.

1992               Littman Gallery. NWPC Show.  Portland, Oregon.

1992               All Oregon Art Annual.  Salem, Oregon.

1992               Jwstice Center. Portland, Oregon.

1992               Opus 5 Invitational. Eugene, Oregon.

1991-93         Beaverton Arts Commission Show Case '91. Beaverton, Oregon.

1991               Miriam Perlman Gallery Group Show. Chicago, Illinois.

1991               Lawrence Gallery Group Show.  Sheridan, Oregon.

1990               Lane Community College, Eugene Printmakers Invitational.

                        Eugene, Oregon

1990               The Art Gallery Juried Exhibition. Umpqua Community College. Roseburg, Oregon

1990               Berkeley Art Center Association's National Exhibition. Berkeley, California.

1990               10th Desert West Juried Art Show. Lancaster, California.

1990               Pacific Prints Biennial. Palo Alto, California.

1990               Opus 5 Gallery. Two Person Show. Eugene, Oregon.

1990               Paper in Particular. Columbia, Missouri.

1989               Oregon Biennial. Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon.

1989               National Invitational Show. Umpqua Valley Art Association Roseburg, Oregon

1989               Northwest Print Exhibit. Maude Kerns. Eugene, Oregon.

1989               Lower Columbia College Landscape Exhibit. Longview,  Washington.

1988-92         Excelsior Café Solo Show. Eugene, Oregon

1988-89         Bumbershoot Fair. Seattle, Washington.

1988               Golden West College Gallery. Huntington Beach, California.        

1988               Phinney Art Center. Solo Show. Seattle, Washington.

1988               Elliott Bay Bookstore. Solo Show. Seattle, Washington.

1988               Cox Gallery. Drury College. Springfield, Missouri.

1988               Opus 5 Gallery. Two Person Show. Eugene, Oregon.

1987-90         L.A.P.S. Membership. Glendale, California.

1987               Oregon Biennial. Portland Art Museum. Portland, Oregon.  

1987               Group Shows. Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery.

                        Seattle, Washington.(Landscape and Still Life).

1987               Conference on Women and Spirituality. Seattle, Washington.

1987               Works on Paper. Lower Columbia College, Longview, Washington  and Clatsop College. Astoria, Oregon.

1987               Benton County Museum. Philomouth, Oregon.

1986-90         Sunriver Annual Exhibit. Sunriver, Oregon.

1986-90         All Oregon Art Annual. Salem, Oregon.

1986-87         Third Alcoa/Gallery '76 Exhibit. Wenatchee, Washington.

1986               Beijing China. Northwest Print Council. Beijing, China.

1986               Oregon State University. N.W.P.C. Corvallis, Oregon.

1986               Oregon 2-D exhibit. Salem, Oregon.

1986               L.A.P.S. Jurors Choice. Los Angeles, California.

1986               Opus 5 Gallery. Eugene, Oregon.

1985-88         Annual Art Show. Umpqua Community College. Roseburg, Oregon

1985               Coos Bay Annual Print Exhibit. Coos Bay, Oregon.




Los Angeles Printmaking Society

University of Oregon.  Advisory Board to the Art and Architecture School.

Northwest Print Council, member of the Board & 

Regional Coordinator l990-92. Sec. 92-94, V.P. 1994-96. Sec 97-98. Board 90-99

Lane Regional Arts Council. Artist in Education (86-93).



1982-85         M.F.A. Printmaking. University of Oregon. Eugene, Oregon.

1980-82         Oregon School of Arts and Crafts. Portland, Oregon.

1977-80         B.S., Fine Arts. Lewis and Clark College. Portland, Oregon.

1977-80         Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, Oregon



2009-2011     Summer Printmaking Workshops for Loraine School District

2011-12         Framin’ Art Works. Eugene, Oregon

2005-2010     Lafollette Gallery.  Eugene, Oregon

Ongoing         Freelance with a variety of Printmaking and Watercolor Workshops

                        At schools, fairs and my studio

1993-96         Drypoint Printer for Lynda Lanker.

1992               Monotype Workshop. N.W.P.C. Office. Portland, Oregon.

1990               Monotype Workshop. Comerford Studio. Roseburg, Oregon.

1986-93         Artist-in-Education. Printmaking. Eugene, Oregon.

1987-91         Artist-in-Education. Printmaking. Portland, Oregon.

1988-98         TAG Instructor. Super Summer Program. University of Oregon. Eugene, OR

1989               Children's Monotype Workshop. Oregon Art Institute.

                        Portland, Oregon.

1987-88         Adult Ed. Printmaking. Lane Community College. Eugene, Oregon.

1986               Linocut Printer for Jayne Cookson. Eugene, Oregon.

1983-85         Graduate Teaching Fellowship.  Lithography. University of Oregon. Eugene,  Oregon.

1980-11          Jani P. Hoberg Graphics Inc. Eugene, Oregon.

1980-82         Chrisman's Frame Shop. Fine Art Framer. Portland, Oregon.


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