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Luke  Lawrence Ole_
Fabricated Metal
16 x 24 x 18 in
$ 850
Luke  Lawrence
Hungry Bird
Stainless Steel
23 x 9 x 4 in
$ 300
Luke  Lawrence Morning Riser
Morning Riser
Stainless Steel
42" x 24" x 8 in
$ 900
Luke  Lawrence Ram
Fabricated Metal
18 x 20 x 19 in
$ 950
Luke  Lawrence Relic
Fabricated Metal
19 x 24 x 9 in
$ 750
Luke  Lawrence Specs
Fabricated Metal
35 x 6 x 32 in
$ 850
Luke  Lawrence Stephen
Fabricated Metal
37 x 6 x 25 in
$ 850
Luke  Lawrence Grendle Turtle
Grendle Turtle
Stainless Steel & Bronze
44 x 40 x 5 in

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Luke  Lawrence

Luke Lawrence

Luke Lawrence Biography

LUKE LAWRENCE Luke Lawrence grew up in a small, rustic town in Oregon. An inquisitive young man, Luke was intrigued by anything from sports to art and the function of everyday objects. Encouraged by his parents to use his imagination and ability to create art, Luke was free to dabble in paint, print and even metal. After graduating the University of Oregon with a degree in Philosophy, adventure beckoned to Luke and he packed his bag for the Caribbean islands. Working mainly on boats, Luke had the opportunity to sail, snorkel and dive in some of the world’s most vibrant locations, which later influenced his work. Although the Lawrence family can now boast three generations of artists, Luke had not always anticipated working in the family craft. It was not until returning home years later that Luke realized that he had missed creating art. Luke aspires to produce art that sometimes seems contradictory, influenced Luke creates pieces out of stainless steel and applies heat after a chemical process to create a unique patina – a family secret kept for decades. Most importantly, Luke hopes that his art creates a connection with the viewer. Anish Kapoor, Salvador Dali and M.C. Esher are just a few artists who inspire his imaginative process. Growing up, Tom Hardy’s art surrounded the home and suggested the rustic designs that can now be found in Luke’s work. His biggest inspirations are his father and grand-father. Success, Luke believes, is achieved by the evolution of his art works, whether it pushes the physical limits of the media or the imagination of those who view the work.

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