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Featured Show for August: Jennifer Diehl


Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Jennifer’s ability to focus and work on her drawings at an early age was noticed by all. Her intensity and desire to study art only grew over the years. Jennifer's parents, being artists themselves, shared their knowledge and philosophy with her at a young age. In her early teens, they sent her to study Russian Impressionism with Henry Stinson, her mentor.

Jennifer currently works as a full time painter in Oregon where she teaches, travels monthly for workshops, shows and plein air painting. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys anything to do with outdoors. She spends a lot of time reading classics, playing piano, and has a passion for travel.

Jennifer enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, camping, and anything to do with the outdoors. She spends a lot of time reading the classics and playing the piano. Jennifer has always loved to travel, and one day hopes to have seen the world.

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